EbooXform - the tool to unlock your DRM protected ebooks and convert ebooks

EbooXform #


What is it? #

It is a utility that can unlock the DRM protected ebooks and convert ebooks to other formats , so you can really own your ebooks.

You surely can use Calibre & DeDRM plugin combination, but EbooXform has its own advantage. It is simple, small and efficient.

Features #

  • Unlock ebooks DRM protected by Kindle,Kobo, Nook, eReader & Adobe;
  • Supported almost any formats: EPUB,PDF,MOBI,AZW3,;
  • Scan directory recursively for Ebooks, and show DRM status for each book.
  • Concurrent multiple-Task conversion.
  • Drag files into window to add files.


EbooXform Demo

FAQs #

Downloads #

EbookXform is free to try with the limitation of handling at most 10 books in 7 days, you can remove this limitation by registering.

EBooXform for MacOS

requires MacOS 11.0 or above


EBooXform for Windows

requires Windows 10 64bit


For Windows Users

Windows Smartscreen will mark a program insecure unless someone paid to sign the program (even a computer virus) with a expensive EV-certificate. Chrome may also alert you that programs downloaded from our site is insecure because it has smartscreen built-in.

We did not sign our programs and we surely promised that:

The programs you downloaded from bookn.net contains no computer virus or malicious code or spyware. We do not steal your information on your computer by any means.

We can only make promise for programs downloaded from our site https://bookn.net. If you download from other sources, risk youself.

  • One License for 3 Computers
  • 7-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Update & Email Support

lifetime plan $15.99 only

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How to register #

  1. First make a purchasement or subscription with your email address from our site.
  2. Open the application and click the “register” icon or menu, input your email address and click “Register” button, we will send an email from [email protected] to your email address for you to confirm your registration.
  3. Open the received email and click the “Grant” button to confirm your registration.
  4. Return to the software click “register” button once more to fetch your license.

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