BookIt Extension

BookIt Extension

BookIt Extension User's Guide


BookIt Extension is a brower extension that can help you turn web pages into an EPUB ebook so that you can read it on your eReader device (Amazon Kindle, Kobo ereaders etc.).

How it works

BookIt is composed of 2 components:

  • A browser extension for your browser (currently support Google Chrome & Firefox)
  • A backend service that does the real job.

When you are browsing the Internet, and coming upon some pages that you wish to save and read on your ereader device, you can start the browser extension and select the web content block that represents the ToC (Table of Contents), then BookIt backend service will do the following things for you:

  • Analyze the web page to extract metadata (title, author etc.) and ToC;
  • Parse the ToC to fetch related web page contents and images;
  • Extract article text from web page.
  • Bind all the articles and images into a valid EPUB ebook.



You should have Google Chrome or Firefox or Microsoft Edge installed on your desktop/laptop computer.

Support for browsers are as follows:

  • Google Chrome version 55(55.0.2883.75)or above
  • Firefox 69.0 or above
  • Microsoft Edge 86 or above

Install the Extension for your browser

Download the current version for your browser from and install it into your browser.

  • For Chrome/Microsoft Edge users, navigate to Chrome Store to install the extension for Chrome.

  • For Firefox users, download the extension from and install it manually.


Start your browser and begin surfing, navigate to any site you are interested in

surf the internet

Launch BookIt

In the page ,click the icon from browser toolbar, a window pops up showing the bookit wizard.

launch bookit

Select the ToC block in page

Following the guides, click 'Next' to hide the dialog, return to the web page, move the cursor, the block hovered over will be highlighted. When the cursor moves to the ToC block, click to select this block.

select ToC

Review the metadata

BookIt will analyze the page and extract metadata, and you can change them as you wish.

review the metadata

Review the ToC

In this step you can review and make changes to the recognized ToC of the book. You can add/move/delete an item.

review the ToC

Submit the task

Now BookIt service got the information needed to compile the book. It will start the task and show the progress.

submit the task

Download the epub

Cool, it's done! Click the 'Download' button to download the epub to your computer .

Open the EPUB in your reader

You can open the epub with apple Books, Adobe digital Editions, Calibre Viewer, or whatever EPUB reader you like.

open the epub with Apple books