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BookIt Desktop

BookIt Desktop User's Guide


BookIt is a desktop tool for turning web pages into ebooks. With this amazing tool, you can convert those pages into an ebook that you can read later on your e-readers.


Download from BookN, select the installer according to your system, run the installer, and follow the installation wizard to install it.


Dark theme Light Theme

  • 1: Theme switcher. You can toggle between "Light" and "Dark" theme .
  • 2: Help
  • 3: Language selection. English is the default language.
  • 4: Discount coupon code
  • 5: Follow us

There's also trial/license info such as days left at the top.

Left panel shows the menu.


  1. Click "Wizard" from the menu or click "Start" button on the home page to launch the wizard.

  1. Click "Next", and BookIt will open a chrome window.

  1. Navigate to the web page that you are interested, click the capture (the bird) icon and select the ToC (table of content) block. Note that you should not close the chrome window it opens.

Select the ToC, the chrome window will minimize(DO NOT CLOSE IT.). Return to the BookIt Desktop window, you will find the button "Next" enabled.

  1. Click "Next", review the metadata and customize the book information, including the title, author, language, and cover.

If any web pages are accessible only after login, set "Required login" to "Yes".

  1. Click "Next", view the ToCs. You can add, move or remove ToC items as you like.

  1. Click "Next", you can change the following settings
  • Fetch timeout : The maximum waiting time to fetch a web page. A page is considered inaccessible beyond this time limit.

  • Fetch Methods: There are 3 methods to fetch the web page. The default is "http get" . When there are dynamic pages, you need to choose "chrome invisible". And if the webpage needs authentication, you must choose the "chrome visible" method. In this case, you should login before BookIt can get any data from the site.

  • Output format: choose from EPUB2, EPUB3 and PDF.

If you select PDF output format, there's more options about PDF setting.

  1. Click "Next" to go to the processing page. Note that you should not close the chrome window it opens.

  1. Finally your book is generated. You can choose to open the book, open the folder, or generate a new book.


Select "History" from the menu to view your history tasks.

  • Click "All", choose one date from the dropdown to list books generated in that day.
  • Input a keyword in the query box to find books that have the keyword in its title.
  • Sort books according to the date, title, or URL.
  • Delete record with an option to delete the book also.
  • Click a book title, you can see the detail info of the book.


We recommend that you register a licensed copy so you can enjoy our service without function limitation.

Select "Register" from the menuu, you can view the current status of your copy. If you are using the trial copy, your are free to use in 10 days with limited functions.

Registration includes 4 steps:

  • Purchase---Click "Buy Now" to go to our store, fill in your email address, make the payment with your PayPal account or credit card.
  • Request---Enter your email address () and click "Activate" to ask for permission to use this software on your machine. We will send an email to the email address you filled during the purchase step, asking for grantion.
  • Authorize---Check your email box, click the "Grant" button in the email.
  • Fetch---Click "I have granted the license request" to complete the registration.


There is info about the version currently in use, click "Check Update" to check for an update.


You can change the default setting for tasks. For detailed information about the options please refer to Wizard > step 6 in this document.